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The HCG Diet

HCG diet has been around for over 50 years and has become the most sought for diet of the last decade. When you buy hcg diet you are purchasing the most effective way of fast weight loss, body fat redistribution and the only diet with permanent weight loss as a result. Leading brands of pharmaceutical grade HCG are available and shipped worldwide, we offer:

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    HCG diet is a unique combination of low calorie diet and hcg injection with 4 phases. When doing hcg diet second phase, you eat a VLCD, which is short for very low calorie diet. This time without fat and carbohydrates, can last from 23 to not more than 43 days. In this time the average weight loss is a pound of fat each day. After 43 days the weight loss may stop and also due to health related issues it is better to make a pause of at least 43 days before going on another hcg diet. With so few calories consumed and no fats or carbohydrates, migraines and food cravings are common. With the addition of original hcg hormone injections that contain human chorionic gonadotropin those unwanted side effects can be avoided. Metabolism is enhanced so that long term ( from 23 and up to 43 days ) fat loss is not only possible, but also common. The final result for the typical dieter is unprecedented average fat loss of 1 pound a day. Hcg diet is not just another diet it is THE diet.

    HCG diet is what various personal trainers, nutritionists, coaches and other dieting and weight loss experts buy and use when they try to achieve maximal fast and lasting result in order to successfully promote their nutrition and/or exercise regimen. Most of before and after photographs that is accredited to any diet for sale online today are the result of hcg injection supplementation. Hcg diet is also the only diet that, with the help of reprogramming of the hypothalamus, guarantees long term results. And that is the result that only hcg diet available for purchase in our online store can guarantee. You can not purchase real hcg diet in regular stores that sell hcg drops or homeopathic hcg drops. They can not compare and will not render results associated with genuine human chorionic gonadotropin hormone hcg injection.