Thoughts on dieting and the best diet

David lost 32 pounds in 43 days of hcg diet and managed to keep the weight off for 2 years then he did a second hcg diet and lost another 39 pounds. He has maintained his weight at 190 pounds ever since. Making hcg the best diet he has ever tried. He has spent all of his adult life dieting and gaining the weight back shortly after. Most times he gained more that was lost while on the diet. By the time he was 43 years old he was weighing 260 pounds at height of 5 foot 10 inches or at least 80 pounds over his healthy weight.

When at 260 pounds he was experiencing mood swings, had high cholesterol, heart palpitations and other issues. On top of that there were many times he didn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning. He also had trouble tying his shoes and had to catch a breath after walking just two flights of stairs. He was always out to find the best diet, but his weightloss goal was elusive.
The trouble with most dieters is that after some weight is lost at the start of any half sensible diet the weight loss slows down. As many of you know, losing second 10 pounds is twice as hard as losing the first 10 pounds of weight. Most overweight men and women got that way by using food as comfort and that is what they seek when weight loss slows down. The result is that most gain back all the weight and then some.
Most best  diets work for first 10 days. The cabbage soup diet is a great body cleanser, but after 5 or 10 days your body adapts and you are not losing any more weight, just getting tired and bored of the same cabbage soup day in and day out.  Cabbage soup diet works, but there is no food more boring then cabbage soup. Yes, it is also boring if it’s home made and it gives most people wind. 500 calorie diet without hcg is possible to endure for a couple of days, but after that time headaches and cravings usually become too much. The special K diet is a marketing gimmick by Kellog’s. In short, it does not work. So 0 pounds lost in 5 days is the usual and average result. Balanced diet, you can eat everything as long as you balance it with other food consumed. UK national service has a heavily outdated food pyramid they want you to follow. Lots of carbohydrates just a little protein and less sugar and fat. Good solid diet, but not the best diet, just don’t expect miracles, results will come slow because it is not a diet it’s a change of lifestyle. The juice diet where you drink only vegetable and fruit juices. Nothing else, not even afternoon tea or morning coffee, just juices. You will lose weight, but you can not live on juice alone, it’s a short term diet. Atkins diet is based on high protein low carbohydrates, effective in the short run, devastating on your liver raising body acidity. Raw food diet brings real food in the life of those that are used to heating their store bought food in the micro oven. You can expect weight loss, but again you can not stay on this diet for long. The baby food diet, is not even worth mentioning. Every nutritionist will chalk it up as a joke. Counting calories and not exceeding the limit. Requires good knowledge of basic math and strong will. It does work, especially when you also exercise. Grapefruit diet demands you eat a grapefruit before and after every meal. Grapefruit should break down fat and also make you feel full. Data on this one is inconclusive, if you know what I mean. In conclusion, most best diets work for a short time, few give fast tangible results. There are just two diets that are proven to work. First there is a change of lifestyle with eating only real healthy food and the second is the hcg diet with real hcg injection. If you want to keep your lifestyle you will also keep your weight. HCG diet will help fast, it will also change your brain so you will no longer crave unhealthy food. Because no other diet comes close to this it should be named the best diet. But if you will get back to eating unhealthy after the diet you will gain the weight back. Of course you can then lose it again with another hcg diet, but what you should think about is a balanced lifestyle and a balanced diet. You will look and feel a lot better.