Hcg B&A

Hcg before after pictures speak louder then words. The pictures below were taken before and after 23 or 43 days of hcg diet. Similar setting and lighting, same person and no photoshop or any other picture editor was applied.  They might seem like the pictures you see all the time, but we can assure you that behind each picture is a real person, each with unique story. Some of our clients fought with weight all their life. One of them told us he felt like a jojo, losing fat  with painstaking dedication and sacrifice only to gain it back again after a couple of months. Jet another was a mom that let herself go after her second child was born. She got back on the horse fast after the first child. She lost all the weight within just 10 months. But after her second child, there was just no time for exercise. One year and one toddler and one infant later she was 40 pounds over her ideal weight. Hcg diet helped her and we have her  hcg before after pictures to prove it. Another customer gained weight because he retired. He gained so much weight that his health started to suffer because of it. His wife remembered that she did a hcg diet 5 years ago with awesome success. She saw he was suffering so she convinced him to try it too. She cooked for him and he was able to pull through the 500 calorie hcg diet with success. He lost 30 pounds on the first diet and after 2 months took another hcg course loosing 57 pounds in total. There are many reasons and many stories, each unique, but each successful. Hcg before after is a compilation of amazing journeys, determination and results of some of our buyers. The average weight lost on hg diet is an amazing 1 pound each day.