Hcg injections vs hcg drops

When hcg proved so effective and the word spread like wild fire, there was only one major obstacle, people prefer pills to injections. Unfortunately hcg can not be made into pills that are effective. It can only work if injected, if taken orally it is destroyed by stomach acid and sublingual absorption of this hormone is not possible. So why should you buy hcg injections and not hcg drops? Because hcg drops don’t work. .

Buy real hcg injections

There is an internet myth saying that you will be losing more on the hcg diet when consuming 700 calories a day then with 500 calories a day. Original 500 calorie protocol designed in the 1950’s by dr. Simeons works wonders, but it can be harsh on the dieter, luckily if you buy real hcg injections and use them, it removes the cravings and headaches that would normally occur. In case you are not .

Hcg diet injections 500 calorie vs 700 calorie hcg diet

Though the effectiveness of the hcg protocol is no longer questioned due to overwhelming flood of positive results by the dieters buying and using real hcg injections. Doctors, nutritionists and exercise gurus often discuss weather a diet that is so drastic is healthy for the human body. As the intake of foods when using hcg diet injections is limited to just  500 calories the intake of minerals and vitamins is also limited which tends .

Hcg diet course

Hcg diet course
HCG diet course in short. Inject 125 i.u. of hcg daily ( except during menstruation ) for the duration of the hcg diet course up until a total of 40 injections have been given. Until 3rd injection forced feeding with emphasis on fatty foods and to some extent foods rich with carbohydrates. After 3rd injection, 500 calorie diet with daily hcg shot for the whole duration of your diet, that must also be continued .

Hcg injection

Hcg injection
Hcg injection – making the correct mixture. Preparing the hcg injection and correct mixture for the hcg diet is easy, but you have to follow certain rules and precautions to avoid complications. Hygiene is very important. Clean the ampoule containing powder with an alcohol swab, then break away the top using your index finger and thumb. If the ampoule does not have the dot that marks the direction in which to break away the .

Hcg drops

The hcg drops scam. The hcg drops spoof has done quite a lot of damage on the dieting market. Some have tried them and lost some weight, but not what was promised. Most that claim they did not lose much weight on hcg, can attribute low weight loss them to hcg drops. They fell for the over the counter homeopathic hcg drops scam. Sad truth is they could loose 3 – 4 times the .

Hcg injection guide

How to prepare fat loss injection with hcg.  Hcg injection guide. Hcg is presented in two parts, the fist part is human chorionic gonadotropin in powder form, that must be mixed with the second part, that is bacteriostatic water. Materials needed for hcg injection. Powdered hcg ampule that comes in dosages of 500 i.u., 1000 i.u., 1500 i.u., 2500 i.u. and 5000 i.u., sterile bacteriostatic water as a solution, proper syringes and needles, alcohol, .

Drink water on hcg diet

The importance of drinking enough water while on the hcg diet. The amount of water retained by the human body is not positively related to the amount of water one drinks. It is exactly the opposite, if the amount of water consumed is not sufficient the body will actually retain more water taking it from kidneys with urine becoming concentrated and from the stool, that will as a consequence become dry. But your body .

500 calorie diet

The calories and diet. Many make correct assumption, that a 500 calorie diet is too little and could be considered dangerous to one’s overall health. The assumption would be correct, but one also has to add the fat that is lost into the equation. Physicist define a calorie as heat, that is required to change the temperature of one ml (one cc) of water by one degree Celsius (Fahrenheit). One calorie in regards to .

Long or short hcg diet?

Should I choose the longer or the short hcg diet? The duration of the diet depends on the amount of fat one needs to lose and the time one has available. Individuals with jobs that require extreme physical activity that is not allowed during the hcg 500 calorie diet have to take a break in order to do the course. Those that only need to lose up to 20 pounds will only need to .