HCG diets and healthy food, the right combination for optimum result.

A combination of original pharmaceutical grade human chorionic gonadotropin and a healthy diets is the guarantee for fast fat loss in every user. Food is an integral and very important part of the hcg diets. It is true that you lose weight approximately four times faster with hcg diets, than, when you do it with diet alone. It is also true, that you can not achieve the metabolic state that burns fat this fast .

The so called modern hcg diet.

Modern hcg diet? Hcg in the form of drops and tablets? Because this diet is so effective, and most of the negative comments and experiences with it focus on the extremely low 500 calorie diet, some suggest one should first try the modern approach with 700 calories instead of 500, exercise allowed and new foods added, including dairy products and more fruit and vegetables. This way your body is supposed to receive more vitamins .

Appearance can impact the way you feel about yourself. Hcg diet and self confidence.

Hcg diet and self confidence Many dieters report improved self confidence and a notable change in the way they feel about themselves. This is a very positive side effect of Dr. Simeons diet. The reason why many dieters do not succeed in keeping the weight off in the long run is also because your body reacts to reduced calorie intake and metabolism slows down to prevent fat loss. This natural response can be altered .

Traditional and modern HCG diet approach.

Dr. Simeons hcg protocol only allowed for 500 calorie intake, modern hcg diet approach claims the same result with 700 or more calories per day . Facts show the latter approach does not give equal results.The modern hcg diet with 700 calories a day is not as effective as the traditional Er. Simeons 500 calorie hcg diet diet. When it comes to weight loss, programs, diets and techniques are a dime a dozen and .

HCG diet phase one. The easy & fun part.

Dr. Simeons diet has 4 stages. In the beginning of the HCG diet phase one is important as well as it is outrageous. It may sound contradictory, but it means less food cravings and headaches and faster fat loss in phase two. The original HCG diet has a beginning that defies the saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” In the case of the HCG diet phase one, it .

Keeping the weight off and why are people regaining weight?

Losing the weight is only half the job and keeping the weight off is often the more difficult half. Less talked about and often neglected fact is that 90 % of people doing any kind of diet regain the weight within a year. And that includes all the latest fad diets. Fast lifestyle combined with the fact that day still has only 24 hours stand in the way of healthy living. Daily obligations and .

The many faces of dieting. Weird diet list and guide

A quick guide through weird diets Over the last decades numerous diets emerged, some of them unhealthy, some of them effective in the short term, but none of them effective in the long run. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most known. Diet with baby food This bizarre diet is based on eating mashed vegetables, protein and fruit in the form of baby food. Rations are controlled to limit the daily .

Doctor Albert Simeons and his hcg diet.

Doctor Albert Simeons (T.W.) was a British endocrinologist, working in many hospitals across the globe, from India to Italy. By the time he comprised his theory, he was working in the pregnancy wing of the Salvatore Mundi International Hospital in Rome circa 1952. He worked with pregnant women and patients with pituitary gland problem. They were both treated with hcg. Through trial and error he found out that one of the primary side effects .

Maximazing your weight loss while on hcg diet

The average weight loss on a hcg diet is from 1 and up to 3 pounds a day, part of the difference are your genetics, body fat % or the amount of fat you have to shed ( the more you have the faster you will lose ), your BMI ( basic metabolic rate ) and many other factors. The good news is that you can accelerate your weight loss and lose more by .