Hcg diet effectiveness

There has been quite a controversy around the hcg diet. First there is the question of how

before after hcg diet

before after hcg diet

good does hcg diet work? You can find many diverse answers on the web. Ranging from two thumbs up if you ask those that have tried it and done hcg diet injections the correct way. Then there are those that tried hcg drops that didn’t give them sought for result. Hcg diet effectiveness is questioned by those that sell other diets. Professionals that work in the field of weight loss, dieting, nutrition and exercise are aware of hcg diet effectiveness. They know for a fact that it is the only diet that works fast and gives long term results. They also know for a fact that it is the fastest way of weight loss available. Hcg diet effectiveness can be translated into one pound of fat lost each day on the average for the duration of phase two of the hcg diet. The hcg diet has little ups and downs the weight loss is almost linear if you look at periods that are at least 3 to 4 days long. They also know that the diet they are selling does not work near as good as the hcg diet.
Their solution?
#1 Use hcg diet to make before and after shots for promotion of whatever diet they are selling.
#2 Make sure to convince any potential buyer that their diet is better than the hcg diet. Or better jet, that the hcg diet effectiveness is questionable.

Because few people have the time to do thorough research into what really works and what does not. Their tactic is quite successful, but so is word of mouth. When you lose 40 pounds in a month, people around you will notice and bug you senseless until you give up your diet “secret.”

The second thing that stirs controversy is the hcg drops. Once hcg diet became popular many «entrepreneurs» jumped at the money making opportunity. Some didn’t even bother to check, others ignored the chemical and medical fact that hcg can not be made into effective oral preparation. The human intestinal juices destroy hcg and it can not be utilized by the human body if it is held under the tongue, saliva destroys hcg too. HCG drops effectiveness is non existent. Even hcg drops that would contain real hcg would not work under any circumstance. The debate about topics like: are homeopathic drops as good as hcg drops, do homeopathic drops work, what % of hcg should homeopathic drops contain for maximum hcg diet effectiveness and similar. That debate is just throwing sand in the eyes of the buyer. Another group of hcg drops is just named hcg drops while it does not contain hcg at all, not even as a trace. That is the second group of reasons why many question hcg diet effectiveness, because they did not take real hcg injection. Those that took a course with real hcg diet injection never question hcg diet effectiveness, because they know that hcg injection is the best diet aid known to man.