After hcg diet

Maintaining your weight after hcg diet. Have a great body for life. Hcg maintenance phase prevents weight fluctuation. After you lost your weight only half the job is done. After 20 or 40 days on just 500 calories per day, depending on weather you did the short or the longer course you have to do 3 additional ones without injections to make sure all of the hcg is out of your body before you go on less strict 1200 calorie diet. The 21 days are aimed at preventing the rebound effect that most diets have and stabilizing your weight. The dieter must still count all the calories consumed and should not exceed 1200 calories in total. The weight must stay constant and daily weighing is a must, if you gain 2 pounds you must do a steak day, where he skips breakfast and lunch and only drinks water, but eats a large non fat steak and apple for dinner. No carbohydrates are allowed. I’ve lost my weight, how should I eat now after hcg diet? After you have gone through all hcg protocol phases: gorging on food, very low calorie diet, maintenance phase you are now thin and your body is now tuned to eating healthy foods. Hcg diet resets your organism and statistics tell us that 90% of dieters do not regain the weight lost. The good part is that you now enjoy healthy foods and do not feel cravings for food rich in sugar, starch and unhealthy fat. We should answer questions like: how often should you eat, portion size and what should I eat. After hcg diet all portion sizes should be smaller. A healthy diet according to the National Academy of Sciences is in the realm of around 1500 calories for inactive women, 2300 for active women and inactive man and up to 3000 calories for active man. Weighing in the morning and counting your calories are important tools that will help you maintain the weight. Count everything including the snacks and always check the product for it’s content. A product labeled water can easily have around 10 % of white sugar in it. You should eat 5 to 8 small meals each day every 3 to 4 hours, no snacks in between. This way your insulin levels are more or less constant, this helps keep your metabolism high and is good for digestion and general feeling of well being. If your diet incorporates a cheat meal every now and then, do it in the morning, so you have whole day to burn the extra calories. Do not eat at all after 8 p.m. Meals are best when home cooked and not processed, meat should be lean, eggs and nuts should be eaten in moderation, but regularly all dairy products should be low fat, vegetables and fruit should be eaten every day. These and many other things should and will become a habit after the hcg diet. The hcg diet will change your body and your life. Note that the information on this web site is not medical advice, diagnose or treatment and should not be considered as such. Diet is an extreme state of being for your body, a big and unpredictable change. Before you go on a diet, you should always consult a doctor.