Hcg approved foods

Below you will find the list of hcg approved foods. Food choices are limited, in general you have to eliminate all foods that are rich in carbohydrates: sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes, corn, sodas, pastry and similar, not even carbohydrate rich fruits and vegetables are allowed. You have to eliminate all foods with high fat content. All fats, even healthy oils like olive oil, fish oil or coconut butter or peanut butter must leave your diet. Fatty and starchy food stops chemical processes and the action of hcg hormone, weight loss can stall altogether. If you are even thinking on cheating on the hcg diet, don’t even start. The list of allowed foods is all you can taste during the diet. And not only that, you must not exceed 500 calories in one day. The main food sources throughout the second phase of the diet are protein derived from meat and vegetables and only those from the list are allowed. It is important to stay within the 500 calories per day limit, but it is even more important to only eat hcg approved foods and eliminate carbohydrates, as they counter the actions of HCG in your body, slowing down metabolism and making you lose far less, then you would were you doing it right.
First you have to listen to your body, if particular food is giving you any kind of trouble you can and should skip it. The low calorie diet is hard to endure as it is so you should avoid food that upset your stomach or have any other unwanted effect. The values below are approximate and can vary, but they are good enough for orientation as you do not need 100 % accuracy. Do measure your food on the scale though and do not eat any imitations of meat as they contain a high % of carbohydrates that are not allowed during restricted calorie intake.

List of hcg approved foods, vegetables, fruit (purists don’t eat fruit at all), bread (only certain kinds of bread are allowed) and meat, that is the most important food while on the hcg diet.

Vegetables / calories per serving (three and a half ounce = hundred gram)

Spinach / 20
Lettuce / 20
Asparagus / 4
Cucumber / 11
Radish – red / 11
Tomato / 18

Fruit / calories per serving (3 and a half ounce = 100 gram)

Apple (depending on the size ) / 50 – 100
Orange / 70
Strawberry / 75
Grapefruit / 40

Bread / calories per serving (3 and a half ounce = 100 gram)

Bread stick / 10
Toast – Melba only / 11

Meat / calories per serving (3 and a half ounce = 100 gram)

Chicken breast / 85
Ground beef / 145
Veal / 110
Flounder / 85
Cod / 85
Haddock / 83
Halibut / 108
Lobster / 100
Crab / 98
Shrimp / 108

The hcg allowed foods list is not long so make sure you learn how to cook tasty hcg dishes before you go on the diet. When food looks and tastes good it is a lot easier to endure the hardship of just 500 calorie diet. Look through our recipe section to find new recipes every week. Your food should be as varied as possible within the limits of the hcg allowed foods list.  You can not eat food that is not on the allowed hcg foods list and you can not consume more than 500 calories each day.