HCG Side Effects and Safety Tips

Most hcg available on the market today is produced synthetically in a laboratory. Not so long ago the naturally occurring hormone used to be derived from urine of pregnant women and animal urine, but this is no longer so. It is used primarily for infertility treatment in both women and men.
The hcg side effects are both negative and positive. Prior to use you must  consult your doctor, he will explain the benefits and hcg side effects and because he knows your “state of health” and will be the best judge weather or not hcg diet is for you. The negative side effects include, but are not limited to: OHSS, early puberty ( hcg should only be used in adult individuals ), multiple pregnancy ( twins or triplets are common when a woman is being treated with hcg ). Less serious hcg side effects include, but are not limited to: mood changes, swelling or itching in the nipple area, insomnia, diarrhea, restlessness. These are by no means all possible side effects, your doctor will inform you more thoroughly.

Positive side effects

Positive side effects include, but are not limited to: decreased risk of breast cancer in woman, correction in blood sugar, more energy, faster metabolism. Massive weight loss associated with use of hcg diet and it’s positive effects far outweighs the negative side effects. Extremely obese individuals benefit from every pound lost. There is less stress on the cardiovascular system, breathing is easier.  Weight loss is great for your self image, confidence soars so social life also improves and that alone can have a positive effects on ones feeling of well being as well as stress levels. Again, these are by no means all possible positive side effects, your doctor will inform you more thoroughly.
Hcg injection are done at very low daily dose, this means that the side effects manifest in very small percentage of users. Usual phase two of the hcg diet length is limited from twenty three to forty three days making it even less possible to develop side effects. When doing the hcg diet correctly with daily low dose hcg shots of 125 to 200 i.u. there has been no evidence to serious health hazards or side effects during or after the diet. Note that the information on this web site is not medical advice, diagnose or treatment and should not be considered as such. Prior to starting any diet including the hcg diet, you should always consult a doctor and also inform yourself about hcg side effects.