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People say the weight just melts off.
(CBS news)
Even Jersey Shore stars like Snooky and J-Wow are touting it’s benefits. Yes, it works, and people should do it.
(FOX news)
People are losing weight like crazy.
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Now the number of diet in America, with more searches on Google than the South Beach, Atkins, and Acai diets combined.

First a big thank you. I did the hcg diet at the beginning of the year for 40 days, then another 5 months later I lost a total of 62 pounds. I love how clearheaded and active I feel. I’ll do another course if I gain weight again. Which I’m sure I won’t!
Marissa Graziano

It was very effective for me. Effective, but hard, I went the 500 calorie route. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but I lost a pound each day, some days even two, so I went along. Whenever I was hungry I just drank water, by the gallon. Anyway I’m thin now and I love it.
Erica Whitehill

What surpriced me the most was that I have not lost muscle at all, just fat and I only ate 700 calories a day. I’m back to 2000 for 3 months and I have no trouble keeping the weight, I threw out the sugar, bread and most processed foods. I still eat pizza, but only once a week. I’d recommend the diet to anyone who is strong willed and wants to lose fat fast.
Henry Levinson

I am a senior of 59 years old, I’ve been fat for as long as I can remember. I lost 38 pounds in 40 days. I have lots more energy, I don’t sweat as much and my mood is up. I still have about 20 pounds to lose, but I’ll keep them for now, maybe come spring. Anyway thanks for your service and help.
Viktor Hoekman

I love the simplicity of online ordering and your reasonable prices don’t hurt either, but what I like most is the quality of your products. You don’t compromise. BTW I lost 22 pounds in 23 days. You can use my email in your testimonials and please just use my first name.
Ivone, Syracuse

Thank you for your product, explanation and support. I feared it would be complicated, but it’s so simple and it works. 42 pounds lost, I’ve nothing to wear now.
Ashlee, Toronto

Great job guys and it worked. You wouldn’t belive the things I’ve tried previously, nothing worked. I mean I’ve lost a couple of pounds, but gained them back within months. Not with Pregnyl, I’m down 36 pounds.
Ms. Gherry

All I can say is wow, your products arrived in 12 days. I waited until my vacation then I went for it. The positive comments I got when I came back to work just 14 days later, weighing whole 20 pounds less. The transformation was so unbelievable, all my friends want in on the HCG diet.
Walter Hemmings

I got the package the same day I sent you the email about not receiving, sorry for being impatient. I’ll let you know about the results. If I lose half of what my friend Peter did I’ll be more than happy.
Eric, The Pine Tree State

It was that TV show that gave me the idea. The biggest loser. My brother said they were using hcg to lose that much that fast.  I did my research and that’s how I found you. 43 days later I got my own biggest loser story to tell. I lost 38 pounds and can fit into my graduation dress again. I must thank you, the biggest loser TV show and my brother.

41 pounds I’m so glad I’ve found you and my father wants in on our little secret. Does this work for the 60 + group?
Ellie Thorson

I’d give your service 9 stars out of ten, just so you wouldn’t get cocky. Thank you I can breathe again and drive my car. The speed by which I melted fat was amazing and I’ve tried everything before.
Ben Aagerd

You’ve got an amazing product, I lost 26 pounds. I have one week to go, but when I look in the mirror it feels as if I lost 50. Thank you.
R. Garcia

I’m at day 24, I am not weighing myself at all. I am following the diet to a T. I feel great and my mother noticed. She wants in on the diet. I think we will do the second hcg diet together. Thank you for this blessing.
Forsythe Lindsay

Just wanted you guys to know, I’m at day 34 of phase 2 and I lost 37 pounds, more then I thought was ever possible. I can fit in my high school jeans and I feel better too.
Jean Eckert

The delay was not your fault, the post office sent it to the wrong city. They resolved the problem and delivered so I apologize for being impatient. It’s day 7 for me, lost 9 pounds so it’s working for me. I’m having a hard time though, I had a headache on tuesday, it just didn’t go away, and the cravings are bad for me too. Tea helps, I’ve never drank so much of it in my life.
Theresa Gil

I’ve lost 54 pounds so far. I’m only about half the way, to my goal, but I feel so much better about myself. This is an amazing product.
Greg Duncan

As you know me and my husband started our courses together. He’s lost 32 and I lost 28 pounds. Thank you. I already recommended your product to my cousins. I didn’t say I was on a diet, but it was obvious, everyone is asking me about this stuff.
Jeniffer L.

I made a mistake of buying hcg drops first, it didn’t work. I lost 9 pounds in one month, but I think that was just the diet, from day 20 on I haven’t lost anything. With your Chorigon I lost 48 pounds in 40 days. Hcg injections are amazing. Thank you!
Allison Rodriguez

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