Hcg injection hygiene

When applying the hcg injection, hygiene is very important. You should wash your hands before every hcg injection and even more thoroughly before making the hcg solution for injection, you should also sanitize all hcg injection related utensils and material. Hand washing to prevent infection can be done with water and soap or with sanitizer that contains alcohol. To learn the proper hand washing technique study this picture.

hcg hand washing for hcg injection hygiene

Proper hcg hand washing for hcg injection hygiene.

HCG diet requires the dieter to only consume 500 calories in each 24 hours, this puts your body at higher risk of catching an infection. This makes hcg injection hygiene very important.  Your immune system can be less alert than usual because of the small amount of food and low fat and carbohydrate content. The lack of minerals and vitamins can be supplemented by taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Some of the vitamins and minerals are also supplied by the melting fat to the tune of 1 pound each day of the hcg diet. Still hygiene should be your top priority during the hcg diet. Throughout the day you touch everything from door handles, tube handles, shake hands and get germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses on your hands. Then you touch your ears, nose, mouth and eyes that can get infected.
You can’t be 100 % free of germs, bacteria, microbes and viruses, but you can ward off infections by washing your hands each time you:

– inject hcg
– mix hcg solution
– prepare food
– handle contacts
– use the toilet
– cough or blow your nose
– touch animals
– handle trash
– come in contact with someone that is sick
– shaking hands

When washing your hands go through all movements indicated above in the pictures and text and dry your hands with air dryer or disposable paper or clean cloth towel. Rub all surfaces also under the fingernails, backs of your hands and between fingers. Use clean water and rinse well room fingertips towards your wrists. All the tips for hcg injection hygiene above will do you no good, if you get your hands dirty again, so turn off the water with towel or elbow.