Hcg shots

When you are doing the hcg diet you must take hcg shots every day for 3 to 6 weeks. Hcg diet has 4 phases the first one is a bit unexpected. You have to eat food that is high in fat. Pork chops, burgers, bacon are your diet for two whole days. The first phase of the hcg diet seems like it is defying logic.
But there is an explanation. Eating mountains of unhealthy fatty food will prepare your mind and body to the challenges that lay ahead. On the third day you take your first hcg shot and reduce your food to only 500 calories. You can only eat food that is on the hcg list. It is meat that is low in fat and green vegetables. You can only drink water with some lemon juice. Many are happy that at least they can drink coffee. You must also do no physical activity. All the time that you are taking hcg shots and eating less you should move as little as possible. Think of it as if you have laringitis, that is how much you should move. You can do your regular choirs, but nothing that is phisicaly exhausting. At the end of the second phase of the hcg diet you stop taking hcg shots, but you still keep eating small. You have to eat small for 3 days after the last hcg shot so that all hcg goes out of your body. There is no need for laxatives, hcg goes out when you urinate. After three days of phase 3 hcg diet, you start eating more. About two and a half times more. 1200 to 1500 calories each day. You still only eat food that is on the hcg list and very slowly add other food. This is fourth phase of hcg diet. Good thing about hcg shots is that after the diet you will not even like fatty and unhealthy food. You will want to eat healthy food, real food. Keeping an eye on your weight is important after hcg shots. If your weight goes up 3 pounds you must drink only water for one day and eat ground beef steak for dinner. Next day your weight will be back to what it was. Hcg shots are done the same way diabetics take insulin. Same small needle is used and injection spot is also the same. There is little pain and hcg shots can be done by yourself. Ask your doctor before doing a diet. You must be healthy enough to be able to sustain change in diet and radical weight loss.