Hcg questions and answers, contact us form

Hcg questions and answers and contact us form.

Please read through the most common hcg questions and answers first and only contact us if your question is not on the list. Hcg Q&A are updated regularly so please come back often for new entries. These are real questions from hcg dieters just like you. The topics covered range from nutrition to cosmetics, hcg injections and any other hcg related matter. For more hcg questions and answers and contact us form please visit our website.

All my family is overweight, will hcg diet still work for me?

Gene inheritance is only one of the reasons for being overweight, hcg works by changing your metabolism and works for everyone. With additionally changing your diet and exercise habits anyone is able to keep the weight off.

Will I have to keep the low calorie diet for the rest of my life?

No, you stop with low calorie diet 3 days after your last hcg injetion. However you have to watch your diet for additional 3 weeks after the last hcg injection. During this time you are prone to regain the weight. Sugar and starch are prohibited and total calorie intake should be between 1500 and 2000 calories.

The 500 calorie diet seems harsh, can I cheat every now and then and still lose weight?

Low 500 calorie diet is an integral part of the hcg diet. You won’t loose weight unless you curtail the fat and carbohydrate content as well as keep up with the 500 calorie a day restriction.

How is hcg different? I have tried every single diet, nothing worked.

While other diets merely deal with symptoms, hcg fixes the core of the problem. By manipulating and “resetting” the hypotalamus gland in your brain it speeds up the metabolism and unlocks stubborn long term fat loss stores. At the same time it also fixes your unhealthy habits, this ensures, that you do not regain the weight after the diet. Hcg different diet prevents craving for unhealthy foods and overeating.

What is hcg?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the human placenta during pregnancy. All hcg available on the market today is synthetically made, but biochemically equal to natutal hcg. There are many brands available: novarel, ovidrel, pregnyl, profasi, choron, chorigon and others, all containing the same thing. Hcg is mostly used in fertility treatment, but due to eficacy also in treatment of obesity.

Who was dr. Simeons?

He was a British physitian that specialized in fertility and obesity treatment. He was the first person to notice the benefits and effectiveness of hcg as a fat loss agent.

What is the hcg diet?

It is a very low calorie diet combined with daily shots of low dose hcg that as a consequence makes the dieter loose an average of a pound of fat per day without exercise and without usual headaches, cravings, weakness and other diet related side effects.