Safe hcg diet injection technique.

Hcg diet works best when your body absorbs hcg as best as possible. Hcg is best absorbed safe hcg dietwhen you inject it in to the subcutaneous fat tissue above the muscle and below your skin. The proper safe hcg diet injecting technique will make your diet most effective. You will inject hcg with confidence and safety.
You will probably be using half inch needles just as the ones that are used for insulin injection.
Most pinch with their thumb and index finger and then inject, make sure you are only pinching the skin and the layer of fat under the skin and not your muscle. Prick straight through the skin with the needle. If you pinch the 90 degree or vertical approach is what most people do. Never inject in the same place, always rotate injections sites to avoid any possible build up of scar tissue. Hcg disperses fast under the skin as it is suspended in water, but go at least an inch and a half from previous injection site. This way you will prevent hardened tissue or lipohypertrophy fatty deposits that could form if you always injected into the exact same spot. For safe hcg diet injection, first make sure all the bubbles are out of the syringe, if there are bubbles gently tap with your index finger and press on the plunger to get all the air out until a hcg drop appears. After every injection, remove the needle from the injection and dispose of both so they are safe. Clean injection site is a must skin should be cleaned, soap and water are a common standard.  If you also use alcohol swab to disinfect and sterilize the safe hcg diet injection site always wait for at least half a minute. On average hcg dieters only waits for five seconds and that is not enough. There are two reasons for this, alcohol needs some time to kill pathogens and if you inject without waiting the alcohol to dry it will sting. 30 seconds wait is enough for disinfection and sterilization and subsequent evaporation of alcohol.

Here are some more tips for safe hcg diet injection procedure and maximum comfort:

Change injection sites every time or as instructed by your physician.
Make sure the injection is free of air bubbles.
Relax muscles on the injection site.
Penetrate the skin with a quick motion.
Always use disposable needles only once.
Do not change the speed or angle during insertion of the needle.