Which diet?

Picking a diet that suits you is quite a task. A diet must suit the person and it has to bring results. More diets fail than succeed. So which diet should you choose? First there are so many. Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Low carbohydrate diet, no carbohydrate diet, just pasta diet, Paleo diet, vegan diet, sauerkraut diet, diet by blood group, real food diet.
Every diet is not for everyone. What they all have in common is that the dieter is thinking about what he puts in his body, maybe for the first time. And that is a good thing. Some did not think about this at all until things got out of control. Little things, like counting calories, making sure you get enough sleep, drinking enough water, they all make you feel more in control of your life. It is not just nutrition. You get more energy and determination and you are able to make changes for the better. If you make healthy decisions and shy away from comfort food with empty calories and nothing else you will get a lot in return. The pounds of fat that had piled over time are a problem. So which diet to pick? The best diet is one that gives immediate results and prevents the pounds from piling back on. Most dieters go up and down all their life. They stick to a diet, Atkins diet or South beach diet, diet by blood group or vegan diet or any other diet. They do lose some pounds in the beginning, than weight loss starts to slow down. Sometimes it comes to a complete stop, even if you stick with the diet the extra fat clings to your body. This gets you discouraged and when in a bad place emotionally most seek comfort food even more. Making it harder to get to your goal. So, which diet would be best? A diet that gives fast weight loss and has no slow down in weight loss. There is only one that fits this criteria. The hcg diet, and not only that, it also makes you want only healthy food. After the diet you will find french fries corn dogs, and burgers disgusting. Fatty, sugary and starchy food just won’t cut it anymore. You will want real food, meat, vegetables, fruit. And this will help you stay at your desired weight. So which diet? The answer is simple. The hcg diet.